Braulio Muñoz


Farm worker


dear sir, my name is Braulio, l am chilean am single, l have more than ten years of experience in different aspects of cattle cow-calf and sheep and various field work in general.

The rotating grazing, the daring of animals, animal health, brand, the labeling of calves, and the application of vaccines is my experience.

These tasks carried out riding horses, and also in motorcycles of fuor wheels atv.

With my experience is:care and daily shepherding of sheep,shearing, sheep bath, marking and  labeling of lambs is my skills.

In farm work my experience is:carpentry, gardening, fixing the fence,use of the chainsaw.

Also picking fruits,planting vegetables in greenhouse and outdoors, and the use of different hand tools is my skills.

Braulio Muñoz.







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